?Which of the responders is more cost-effective, GR or AW?

Which Workflow (WF) are most people here using: GreenRope (GR) or ActiveCampaign (AW)? What is your plan for using it? How many subscribers do you have and do you pay monthly or annually?

Photomyne offers a membership upgrade that provides additional features and benefits. The basic version of the app allows users to scan photos, but some features will be locked after basic use. Upgrading to a Photomyne Membership unlocks unlimited scanning, sharing, and saving of photos in print quality. It also provides unlimited photo backup, access to photos on other devices and online, and the option to free up space on your device. Additionally, a membership allows for unrestricted photo enhancements and creations, such as black and white photo colorization, video slideshows, and more. Upgrading is recommended for users with albums worth of paper photos to scan and save. The upgrade can be chosen by tapping the billing option in the app. There are options for recurring plans (monthly or yearly) or a one-time payment plan. Monthly or yearly plans are suitable for short-term projects or those who don’t want to commit long-term, while the one-time plan is better for users with many photos and a desire for long-term backup. Payments for memberships are handled by the App Store or Google Play. If you have an existing recurring subscription and decide to switch to the one-time plan, the one-time plan will begin once your existing subscription is finished, and you should cancel the next billing of your existing subscription to avoid double billing. Photomyne ensures safe and secure payment processing.