What Strategies Can I Use to Increase Clicks on My List and Earn More Revenue?

How can you get more clicks from your list without sending the same offer to everyone? Inside your autoresponder, you should have the option to email your UNOPENs and NON Clickers. This is a quick and easy way to get more clicks from your list without having to send the same offer to everyone and risk getting a lot of complaints and unsubscribes. Additionally, if the offer you are promoting is converting really well, you can email your list multiple times until you get a lot of clicks from a small list.

The text is discussing a strategy to get more clicks from an email list. It suggests emailing those who haven’t opened the email or clicked the link as a way to increase engagement and potential revenue. This strategy should only be used if the offer being promoted is converting well, so as not to annoy or lose subscribers. The author recommends using this approach multiple times to squeeze more clicks out of smaller lists.