What is your process for organizing your email lists?


Thank you for your question. Do you keep separate lists for each method of list building you do (e.g. solo ads, Facebook ads, blog, forum marketing)? Or do you keep them all consolidated in as few lists as possible, such as one for free subscribers and one for buyers? Additionally, how do you send your emails? Do you send a daily broadcast out to all your lists, or to a segment? How many emails do you send a day? What criteria do you use to determine what to send, when to send it, and how often to send? How do you organize your email campaigns? Your insight is appreciated. Thank you.

To the successful email marketers who run information marketing businesses, the approach to list building can vary. Some marketers prefer to have separate lists for each method of list building, such as solo ads, Facebook ads, blogs, and forum marketing. Others prefer to consolidate their lists as much as possible, grouping subscribers into one list for free subscribers and another for buyers.

When it comes to sending emails, the frequency and targeting depend on the specific strategies and goals of the marketer. Some marketers may send daily broadcasts to all their lists, while others may segment their lists and send targeted emails based on specific criteria.

The number of emails sent per day also varies based on the marketer’s strategy and audience preferences. Some marketers may send multiple emails per day, while others may prefer to send fewer emails to avoid overwhelming their subscribers.

Determining what to send, when to send it, and how often to send can be based on various factors, including audience preferences, campaign goals, and testing results. It’s important for marketers to analyze data and feedback to make informed decisions about their email campaigns.

In terms of organizing email campaigns, marketers may use software or tools to manage their lists, create email sequences, and track campaign performance. This can help streamline the process and ensure that emails are sent efficiently and effectively.

Overall, the approach to list building, email frequency, and campaign organization can vary among successful email marketers in information marketing businesses. It’s important for marketers to find a strategy that works best for their specific audience and goals.