What Is Your Opinion Of My Landing Page: Successful Or Unsuccessful?


Hey all,

I’m looking for feedback on my landing page: would you be willing to provide your email address on this page? Any thoughts from the Awesome Wordpress Readers would be greatly appreciated.

In order to make the page more inviting, I suggest providing more information about what is included in the package and what readers can expect to get from it. Additionally, the line in the checkbox should be more of an invitation than an order. Finally, it would be helpful to make it clear what list readers are subscribing to - is it the guide only or will they be receiving emails as well?

I hope this helps and thank you for your feedback!

Hi Emmanuel,
I saw your landing page and I have a few suggestions for improvement. Firstly, I would recommend decreasing the size of the ebook so that visitors don’t have to scroll down to enter their email. Additionally, I would change the format of the title by keeping “How to Design” white and making the following text blue.
It would also be beneficial to provide more text on your landing page. Nowadays, people are not as likely to subscribe just to receive an ebook. It would be helpful to add some text explaining how the ebook can help readers improve or create their first website.
You should also consider adjusting the colors of your website. You can find some inspiration for color combinations at https://coolors.co/ and create a more professional logo at www.canva.com. Lastly, I suggest checking out the Twenty Seventeen theme offered by Wordpress as it is a great option that loads quickly and allows for a video background on your homepage.
I hope these resources and suggestions help you improve your landing page. Good luck!

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