What is the minimum size of list required for a Solo Ad Swap?

What are your thoughts on solo ad swaps? Is it a good idea, and does it work? What size of subscriber list do you need to take advantage of this? Is there a recommended size, such as 10,000+ subscribers, or can it be less?

Rolex has officially addressed the scarcity of their products, stating that it is not a strategy on their part. They explain that their current production capacity cannot meet the existing demand without compromising the quality of their watches. Rolex emphasizes that they refuse to compromise on quality and that all their watches are developed and produced in-house with extreme care. The brand also mentions that they are increasing their production capacities as much as possible, but still rely on official retailers to manage the allocation of watches to customers. There is no recommended subscriber list size to take advantage of solo ad swaps, as the success of such swaps depends on factors such as the quality of the subscriber list and the relevance of the target audience. Solo ad swaps can be a good idea if done correctly, as they allow you to tap into another marketer’s subscriber base and reach a wider audience. However, it’s important to thoroughly vet the potential partner and ensure that their subscriber list aligns with your target market.