What could be causing the sudden spike in traffic?

Has anyone else experienced a situation where their email list suddenly started receiving a large number of subscribers (at least 40 per day) from a proxy server, causing their open rates to be low (only 3 opens out of 300 subs in the past week)? Should I let the list keep growing or should I delete it so that I’m not charged extra for a low quality list of subscribers that I didn’t even build on my own?

It seems like you are experiencing a sudden increase in subscribers to your weight loss email list, but you don’t know where the traffic is coming from. The email addresses appear to be normal but are coming from a proxy server. Additionally, your open rates have drastically decreased. It’s possible that someone is using a proxy server to sign up to your email list using fake email addresses, which explains the low open rates. This is known as spamming or bot activity, and it can negatively impact the quality of your list.

It’s up to you whether to keep the list or delete it. If you suspect that the subscribers are not genuine and were not obtained through legitimate means, it may be best to delete the list to avoid being charged for low-quality subscribers. However, if you believe that the subscribers are legitimate, you can try to investigate further to determine where the traffic is coming from and take appropriate action to mitigate any issues.

It seems that the user is experiencing an issue with their email list in the weight loss market. They stopped promoting the list a month ago, but have recently seen a sudden increase in subscribers, about 40 per day. However, the user doesn’t know where the traffic is coming from, as the email addresses seem normal but are showing as coming from a proxy server. Additionally, the open rates for the emails have decreased significantly. The user is wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar and whether they should continue letting the list grow or discard it to avoid being charged for a low-quality list of subscribers.

It seems that you are experiencing an unusual influx of subscribers to your email list in the weight loss market. The traffic is coming from a proxy server, and you are unsure of its source. However, your open rates have significantly dropped and you are concerned about the quality of the subscribers. It is difficult to determine the exact cause of this situation without more information. It is important to assess the quality of the subscribers and their engagement with your emails. If they are not actively opening and engaging with your emails, it may be best to remove them from your list to avoid extra charges and focus on building a more engaged and targeted audience.