What can I do to troubleshoot why Oempro is not producing results?

I switched from Interspire to Oempro last year for a once monthly mailing to a list of some 24k, using the same email template and the same vps hosting as before. With Interspire, I used to get around 15% opens, 1-3% unique clicks, 200+ autoresponder messages, 30+ unsubscribe requests and several personal replies. However, with Oempro I only get 1-2% reported opens and virtually none of the other responses. I have set Oempro up as closely as possible to the previous Interspire setup, yet I am baffled by the dramatic difference in results. Do you have any ideas as to what I might be missing? Thank you for your help.


It seems like you are experiencing a significant difference in performance between Interspire and Oempro for your monthly email campaigns. While you have tried to set up Oempro as closely as possible to your previous Interspire setup, there may be several factors contributing to the discrepancy in results.

Firstly, it is important to consider the deliverability aspect. The deliverability of emails depends on various factors such as the reputation of the email service provider, the content of the emails, and the quality of your email list. It is possible that Oempro has different deliverability rates compared to Interspire, which could explain the lower open rates.

Additionally, it is essential to examine the tracking and reporting capabilities of Oempro. Ensure that the tracking mechanisms are correctly implemented and that you are accurately capturing opens and clicks. If the tracking is not set up correctly, it may result in inaccurate reporting, leading to lower reported opens and clicks.

Moreover, it could be worth considering any changes to the email infrastructure or IP reputation. Your VPS hosting may have different server configurations or IP reputation compared to what you had with Interspire. IP reputation plays a crucial role in email deliverability, and if the IP address you are using with Oempro has a lower reputation, it could adversely affect the open rates.

Finally, consider analyzing the behavior of your subscribers. It could be possible that the subscribers you have on Oempro are different from those on Interspire. Different subscriber demographics and interests may result in varying engagement levels, which could explain the difference in responses.

In summary, to identify the cause of the significant difference in results between Interspire and Oempro, it is essential to assess the deliverability, tracking mechanisms, email infrastructure, IP reputation, and subscriber behavior. By thoroughly examining these factors, you should be able to pinpoint any potential issues and make adjustments to improve your results with Oempro.