What are the statistics of my first campaign?


Given these statistics for my first mailing to my list in the money-making online niche, what would you do? The total sent was 1,162, with a bounce rate of 30 (2.6%), a complaint rate of 1 (0.08%), an open rate of 33 (2.9%) and a click rate of 33 (2.9%).

Based on the provided statistics, it seems that the results of your first email to your list are not very promising. The open rate and click rate are both quite low at 2.9%, and there are also some bounces and complaints.

Considering these numbers, it may be worth reevaluating your approach. There could be several factors contributing to these low statistics, such as the quality of your subject line, the relevance of your content to your audience, or the frequency of your emails.

Before deciding whether to continue with this list, you could consider making improvements in these areas. Test different subject lines, experiment with the length and format of your emails, and ensure that the content provides value and is tailored to the interests and needs of your subscribers. Also, paying attention to your audience’s feedback and addressing any complaints promptly can help improve your strategy.

Ultimately, the decision to continue with this list will depend on how willing you are to make adjustments and improve your email marketing efforts. Evaluating the results of subsequent emails will provide a clearer picture of whether this list is worth investing in or if alternative approaches might be more successful.