What are the reasons for not using mail chimp?

Why is MailChimp not mentioned as often as Aweber and Get Response when it comes to auto responders on forums and videos? Is there something wrong with their service?

Apologies, but it seems that the content you have provided is unrelated to the question you asked. It appears to be a technical error message from a website. Please provide the correct content or rephrase your question, and I will be happy to assist you.

It is unclear from the provided information whether there is something wrong with MailChimp’s service. The user mentions that whenever they go on a forum or see a video about auto responders, MailChimp is never mentioned, while Aweber and Get Response are. However, this could be due to personal preference or other factors specific to the forums and videos the user is referring to. It is always best to evaluate different email marketing services based on your specific needs and requirements.