What are the benefits of investing in email marketing?

I have always wanted to own an online business and generate some profit. My friends work for a company that earns millions of dollars each month through email marketing. I am interested in starting a similar business, but need more specific tips to get a better understanding of the big picture.

The company sends a massive email marketing campaign to Anglophone prospects (U.S. and UK). They get paid for each click or each lead (CPC and CPA). They partner with Affiliate Networks like IDrive, which provide offers, subjects, from names, templates, and ISPs for the emails. The marketers use a web app to configure the emails, such as the server and IP, speed of send, how many emails to send, how many emails per IP, and the from domain, return path, from name, subject, message, coding, and headers. The web app is hosted on a SSD cloud and the Power MTA is setup on the SSH server.

I am excited to start this business and make it successful. My questions are: Where can I get a web app like this? How can I partner with Affiliates? Where can I get fresh lists of emails? Are there any conditions for partnering with Affiliates? What do you guys think? Does anyone have experience in this field? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.