What are some tips for driving free traffic to my squeeze page in order to build my list?

Can anyone help me with list building? I have a blog, opt-in page, and squeeze page, and I’m using Aweber to manage my list. I don’t have a budget for solo ads or Facebook ads, so I’m looking for ways to get free traffic to my squeeze page. I used to be able to get 75 subscribers with Ezine Articles and forum marketing, but now I’m not having much luck with those methods. I also don’t have many “likes” on my Facebook page, and nobody is clicking on my links. Is there anyone out there who can help me out without me having to purchase any memberships or products? Thanks.

If you’re looking for free traffic to your squeeze page, there are several strategies you can try. One suggestion is to reach out to websites in the same niche and ask if you can guest post on their site. This can help you tap into their existing audience and get more traffic to your squeeze page. Another idea is to create informational products that you can use to drive traffic. You can offer these products as freebies on your squeeze page to entice visitors to subscribe. Additionally, you can create a dedicated section on your blog to encourage people to go to your squeeze page, and create posts that provide helpful information and direct readers to your squeeze page for more information. You can also create infographics related to your squeeze page that are shareable on social media. Another strategy is to create a list of related niches where you can guest post, as this can help you reach a wider audience. Lastly, consider creating press releases promoting your blog and squeeze page and submit them to free press release sites. These are just a few ideas to help you drive free traffic to your squeeze page. Remember to focus on the strategies that you think will be most effective for your specific situation and audience.