Should I discontinue using Constant Contact?

Given the features my client wants that Constant Contact doesn’t seem to be able to provide, should I recommend they switch to Aweber? Are there any solutions I may have missed for the features they want? What are your thoughts on this?

Based on the given information, the client is looking for three specific features in an email marketing service:

1. A nice-looking popover: Constant Contact may not have many plugins that work well out of the box and offer advanced features for popovers. The recommendation is to consider using AWeber instead, as it may have more options and customization features for popovers.

2. Ping for automatic add and removal from lists: The client wants to add a ping link to their membership plugin that will automatically add new paying members to a list and remove them if they cancel their membership. While it’s not clear if Constant Contact supports this feature, it is suggested to explore other email marketing services like AWeber, which may offer more flexibility in terms of integrations and automations.

3. The ability to set rules: The client wants to automatically move subscribers between lists based on their membership status (e.g., non-member to member). While this feature may not be available in Constant Contact, it has been successfully implemented in AWeber. Thus, AWeber may be a suitable recommendation for this requirement.

Considering the client’s desire to switch to AWeber, it may be worth discussing the benefits and drawbacks of making the switch, considering the client’s large existing list in Constant Contact.