Is there a software that exists?

Is there mailing software available that can load up a list, load up SMTP profiles and define thresholds for each, define a message containing spinning syntax, and drip and distribute via random SMTP profiles?

Yes, there are software solutions that can do this. Many of the popular email marketing platforms offer these features, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and SendinBlue. These platforms allow you to upload your list of contacts, define thresholds for each SMTP profile, and create messages with spinning syntax. Additionally, they offer drip campaigns and the ability to distribute via random SMTP profiles.

These platforms also have measures in place to ensure that you don’t exceed the sending limits of any one SMTP server, thus reducing the risk of getting shut down for bulk mailing. While there might not be a specific software that meets all your very specific requirements, the aforementioned email marketing platforms should be able to fulfill your needs.