Is death really final?

What is the current alternative to Swaps?

Swaps between marketers are no longer as popular or commonly used as they once were. Platforms like Safe Swaps, which facilitated swaps between marketers, have seen a decline in usage. This decline can be attributed to the rise of UDIMI, a platform owned by the same individuals who owned Safe Swaps. As UDIMI gained traction, the owners seemingly abandoned Safe Swaps, leading to its near abandonment. As a result, marketers looking to engage in swaps have had to explore alternatives, with Clickbanking becoming the preferred method. However, it is important to note that Clickbanking is fundamentally different from a traditional swap. In a swap, two marketers exchange mailings to each other’s lists using targeted swipes provided by each party. This often involves endorsing the partner’s products or services to their own list. In contrast, Clickbanking does not offer the same level of control or certainty. When engaging in Clickbanking, marketers do not know what they will find on the other side of the click. This lack of transparency and control has raised concerns about the efficacy and reliability of Clickbanking compared to traditional swaps. While swaps may have seen a decline in popularity, it is not accurate to say that they are completely dead. Some marketers may still engage in swaps, but the shift towards Clickbanking suggests a changing trend in the industry.