How many emails were sent without being opened?

What suggestions do you have for improving my email open rate, given that I have received 330 clicks, 106 confirmed opt-ins, 46 unconfirmed, and 2 unsubscribed? Is it possible that no emails have been opened due to the small sample size? Could the lack of email opens be due to the recipients only being interested in the free report?

Based on the given information, it appears that the user conducted a solo ad and Facebook ad campaign. They received 330 clicks, out of which 106 were confirmed opt-ins. They also had 46 unconfirmed opt-ins and 2 unsubscribes. However, in the first week of their autoresponder series, they found that none of their emails were opened, other than the test emails they sent to themselves. They provided some examples of their email titles and are seeking suggestions on how to improve their open rates. They also mentioned that their numbers may be too small to get accurate statistics and wondered if their subscribers were only interested in the free report they offered.

The text provided does not contain any information about doing a solo ad or Facebook ad. It appears to be a description of a different document unrelated to advertising.