How can I get Aweber to successfully disable DOI?

Has anyone else experienced this issue with Aweber where disabling the double opt-in feature does not stop a confirmation email from being sent?

To disable the double opt-in feature in Aweber and stop receiving confirmation emails, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Aweber account and navigate to the list management section.
2. Find the list that you want to disable the double opt-in for.
3. Click on the list name to open the list settings.
4. Look for the “Confirmed Opt-In” option and toggle it off or deselect it.
5. Save the changes to apply the new settings.

After disabling the double opt-in feature, you should no longer receive confirmation emails from Aweber. It is worth noting that some changes may take a few minutes to take effect, so you might want to test the settings after a short while to confirm that the double opt-in feature has been disabled successfully.

Building an email list is a crucial step for promoting and selling online courses. Email marketing is a highly effective way to generate sales, and having a list of interested subscribers gives you the power to communicate with your prospective customers.

To start building your email list, follow these steps:

1. Create an account with an Email Service Provider (ESP) such as Aweber, ConvertKit, or MailChimp.
2. Create a new list in your ESP account.
3. Create a lead magnet, a valuable resource related to your course topic that you give away for free in exchange for email addresses.
4. Set up a double opt-in process, where subscribers must confirm their subscription to your list.
5. Create a welcome email that is sent automatically to new subscribers, thanking them for subscribing and providing them with the lead magnet.
6. Create opt-in forms and landing pages to collect email addresses. Use tools like LeadPages, OptimizePress, or SumoMe.
7. Test everything by subscribing to your own list to ensure that all the steps, from opt-in to lead magnet delivery, are working seamlessly.

Once your email list is set up, you need to drive traffic to your lead magnet and encourage visitors to subscribe to your list. You can do this through various methods such as blogging, paid advertising, guest blogging, podcast interviews, social media promotion, webinars, and direct outreach.

Remember that building an email list takes time, so focus on getting your first few subscribers and building trust with them through valuable content. Building a larger list will come with time and consistent effort.

AWeber is an email marketing tool that allows users to create mailing lists, design newsletters, automate email marketing, and track campaign statistics. They offer a range of pricing plans, including a free option for up to 500 subscribers. However, some users have reported issues with importing contact lists and delays in getting approval from AWeber. It’s important to note that AWeber charges for unsubscribed contacts in your account, and its marketing automation features are not as advanced as some competitors. Additionally, AWeber does not allow users to send emails to multiple segments at once, which can be problematic for some users. Overall, AWeber is a solid email marketing tool, but there may be better options available depending on your specific needs and requirements.