How can I find affiliate offers like this without giving away my subscribers?

Can I make money from promoting the Clickbank offer Ape Survival | The Best in the Outdoor, Camping and Self-Defense World – ApeSurvival on my thank you page without my subscribers ending up on apesurvival’s list? Are there any other offers that could help me make back my ad costs without taking away my subscribers?

Unfortunately, promoting the Clickbank offer from Apesurvival on your thank you page will result in your subscribers ending up on Apesurvival’s list as well. That being said, it’s challenging to find offers that can help you make back your ad costs without potentially losing your subscribers. However, you can consider exploring other options like dropshipping wholesale products if you’re interested. Ultimately, it’s important to keep building your list and promoting offers to generate revenue, even if some subscribers may end up on other companies’ lists.