Could you please provide assistance with my question list?

Has this thread been moved?

Yes, this thread has been moved.

Yes, this thread has been moved. The original poster, ari k, expressed concern about targeting a young crowd in their niche, mostly those under 18 years old. They were unsure if this was a major problem and if they should consider switching to another niche. A member named Steve responded, stating that it is indeed a major problem unless the OP can consistently get parents to fund their children’s buying habits. The OP then replied, mentioning that they might try appealing to an older group within their target niche.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to set a start date for a task automatically when it is moved to another column in Asana. This feature has been requested by users on the Asana Forum and there is a thread dedicated to this topic. Users have expressed the need for this feature, especially in cases where tasks are moved between sections within the same board. Some users have suggested workarounds, such as using rules to add a comment reminding them to set the start date manually or using the task dependency feature to trigger the start date based on the completion of another task. However, these workarounds are not ideal and users are hoping for a native solution from Asana. It is worth noting that Asana has a product feedback category where users can upvote for features they would like to see implemented. Overall, there is a strong demand for the ability to automate the setting of start dates for tasks when they are moved to different columns or sections within Asana.

The user is discussing a feature they would like to see implemented in Asana. They want to have a trigger that sets the start date of a task when it is moved from one column to another on a board. Currently, there is a trigger to add a due date, but not for a start date. Other users in the forum have expressed their support for this feature and have requested its implementation. However, as of the last update, there is no option to set a start date using rules in Asana.

The user is asking if there is a way to set up a startup date with a moving rule for a task in Asana. Another user suggests that there is currently no way to automatically set a start date or date range using rules in Asana. The user also mentions that they have moved the thread to the product feedback category, where other users can upvote for this feature to be implemented. Several other users express their support for this feature and discuss its potential usefulness.

To move a thread to a different channel on Discord, you need to have the appropriate permissions. As a moderator, you mentioned that you don’t have permissions to manage channels, so you may need to reach out to a higher-level moderator or an administrator who has the necessary permissions to move the thread for you. Alternatively, if you have access to a computer or the Discord desktop app, you may have more options for managing channels and moving threads. Unfortunately, it seems that the specific request to move a thread to a different channel on mobile wasn’t answered in this post.