Are many people still providing their genuine email address when signing up for services?

Do marketers still find opt-in pages to be a beneficial strategy, and do people provide their real email addresses on these pages?

Opt-in pages are still a good idea for marketers because they allow marketers to build a healthy mailing list with authentic and active email address leads. By using a double opt-in method, where users are asked to confirm their subscription through a link, marketers can ensure that their email list consists of genuine and interested subscribers.

There are several benefits to using opt-in pages and double opt-in:

1. Increased email deliverability: With double opt-in, there is zero chance of invalid or spam email addresses getting into your list, which improves email deliverability. It also helps you avoid spam traps and maintains your email-sending domain’s reputation.

2. Authentic user interest: Subscribers who confirm their subscription through double opt-in have indicated their genuine interest in your brand and content. This leads to greater potential for engagement and better email marketing results.

3. Legal compliance: Double opt-in helps marketers meet stricter email marketing laws that require obtaining consent from email subscribers. It helps protect you from legal risks and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations.

While there may be some downsides to using double opt-in, such as possible user frustration and the possibility of losing some subscribers, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Double opt-in helps marketers build a cleaner and higher quality mailing list, which ultimately leads to better engagement and conversion rates.

It’s important to note that the use of double opt-in is not required by all countries or email marketing laws, but it is recommended as a best practice. Some countries, such as Austria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland, legally require double opt-in.

In conclusion, opt-in pages, especially those using double opt-in, are still a good idea for marketers. They help build a quality mailing list, improve email deliverability, and ensure legal compliance.