?Are Jvzoo.com links blocked by Aweber?

What can I do to resolve the issue of using JVZOO links with Aweber, when JVZOO’s tech support is not taking the issue seriously?

To resolve the issue of using JVZoo links with Aweber, you may consider the following solutions:

1. Cloak your affiliate links: Instead of using the JVZoo links directly in your emails, use a link cloaking service like ClickMagick, ClickPerfect, or Link Supercharger to mask the affiliate links. This can help avoid triggering spam filters and improve deliverability.

2. Redirect to a web page: Instead of including the affiliate links in the email itself, start the message with a teaser and provide a “Continue reading” link that takes recipients to a web page on your site. This way, you can include the affiliate links on the web page instead of the email.

3. Use a custom domain: If you’re using ClickMagick, consider using your own custom domain instead of the standard one provided. This may help to bypass any potential blacklisting issues.

4. Test other email providers: If you’re still experiencing difficulties with Aweber, you can try using other email marketing platforms like GetResponse 360 or GetResponse. Different providers may have different blacklist policies, so testing out other options might be helpful.

5. Contact Aweber support: Reach out to Aweber’s support team to see if they can provide any recommendations or solutions to the issue. They may have specific guidelines or workarounds to ensure that your emails are not marked as spam due to JVZoo links.

It’s important to note that different experiences and solutions may vary depending on individual circumstances. Therefore, it’s recommended to experiment and see what works best for you.