Are HTML email campaigns being delivered as plain text?

in advance!

Does anyone have any ideas why our email open rate dropped from 21% to 5% in November and has stayed that way since? We believe it could be because our database contacts are receiving the plain text version of our emails, which doesn’t include the image that records opens and sends it back to our ESP. These contacts have been receiving HTML emails from other companies and were receiving them from us up until November. Could anyone suggest what could cause our emails to suddenly start being delivered as plain text instead of HTML? Thanks in advance!

There could be several reasons why your email open rate dropped from 21% to 5% and has stayed that way since November. It seems that your database contacts are receiving the plain text version of your emails instead of the HTML version, which might be causing the images not to load. Some possible causes for this sudden change could be:

1. The end email reader could be displaying the email as plain text, even though it is sent as HTML. This could be due to settings in their email program.

2. The HTML version of the email could be filtered out at the server level. Some ISPs and work email servers strip out HTML and only show the plain text version.

3. The email might be landing in the Junk/Spam folder, which could only display the plain text version.

4. It is possible that not being on the “safe sender” list could affect what is displayed in the email client.

However, it is worth noting that these reasons do not seem to apply in your case, as the HTML versions were being delivered correctly and the open rate was at 21% before November. Since nothing has changed in terms of your mailing list, servers, or safe sender list, it is unlikely to be one of these reasons.

In this situation, it would be best to reach out to the support team of your email client or software, in this case, ExactTarget. Open a case with them explaining the issue and inquire about the possible reasons for this sudden change. They should be able to provide more specific insights and guidance on how to resolve the issue.

To address the sudden drop in email open rate and the delivery of plain text versions instead of HTML, it is recommended to contact the support team of the email client or software being used (ExactTarget). They may be able to assess the situation and provide specific insights and guidance on resolving the issue. While some possible reasons for the change, such as email program settings, server-level filtering, junk folder placement, or being excluded from the safe sender list, have been mentioned, none seem to apply in this case since the HTML versions were previously delivered correctly with a higher open rate. Therefore, reaching out to the support team is the most appropriate next step.